Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula, Postpartum and Placenta Services

   My Story

I am a Mom of two wonderful, spunky boys and a wife to my hardworking, supportive husband. We have a dog named Mocha and a cat named Ms. Kitty. We are a  homeschooling family,  enjoy the outdoors and love being around people.

I started by supporting my friends and family through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. They tend to come to me for questions and support. I have a passion for learning, educating and encouraging them to make informed decisions that are right for them. I believe every parent should be comfortable and confident with the choices they make and follow their own intuitions. I have a great interest with the entire process of pregnancy and Birth, it is a powerful experience that is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

Prenatal and Birth Support

From the free consultation through delivery I am available. Hospital, birth center or home. Inductions, Cesareans and Spontaneous births supported. Support for you, partner, children and family. Unbiased support for each individual family. We can cover birth goals, comfort measures, what to expect, evidenced based information and everything in between.


Postpartum Support

Family care in your home, for the fourth trimester. Infant, sibling and animal care, light housework, food prep, support to be able to enjoy and recover.  Offering a listening ear, helping hand or just an opportunity to feel like you again. 
I provide postpartum bengkung belly binding as well.

Placenta Specialist

Professional service in your home. Encapsulation, Smoothies, Tinctures, Prints and cord keepsakes.


Monthly Birth Talks

Free Monthly workshops hosted with the Lakenheath Military Birth Resource Network

Second Saturday of the month. 1000

Hosted on RAF Lakenheath, at the gym in the downstairs yoga room. Family welcome. 

For more information and events pages find us on Lakenheath Military Birth Resource Network

“Having Katie as our doula was one of the best decisions we made regarding our birth. Her experience and support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum was invaluable. She was very professional and supportive of our wants, and she always made sure to let me know that I was the one calling the shots. As a first time mom, having someone who was calm, helping with comfort measures, and encouraging me each step of the way made my birth experience much smoother than I ever could have imagined. I'm so thankful for everything Katie did for us. You can tell that she is truly serving from her heart!”

Teri Bevill

"Having Katie as part of our birth team was amazing and easily one of the best birthing decisions we made. She is strong and honest yet gentle and supportive. She always seemed to say the right thing at the right time and got me through some tough moments in my labor and beyond. Katie also did a great job of supporting my husband."

Stephanie Haymond

"Start to finish Katie was amazing and supportive in every situation and of every decision I made. I hit a few speed bumps along the way and Katie was always there to listen and quick to respond when I needed her. Unfortunately, I was not able to birth my daughter as I had hoped but Katie was there every step of the way supporting me. Her support during labor was on point and her postpartum care was amazing. The compassion she showed me while I processed what happened and the emotions I had to work through was more than I could have ever asked for. I highly recommend getting a doula in general but if you have a chance to work with Katie you won't be disappointed. Having Katie be part of my pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum care was the best decision I made.

Ashley Aviles

Please share your experience

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"The true strength of a woman lies within her. 

The right doula helps her connect with it. Doulas empower families on their journey through pregnancy, birth and the early days with a newborn ....

Nurturing a woman while she is nurturing her baby is the most precious gift you can give her. It’s called a doula!" 


RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall Area
United Kingdom




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